The Fruit of the Neo Reformed Movement



Driscoll : Mars Hill / Acts29
Mahaney : SGM
Doug Wilson : Pedophile Promotor
Kevin de Young : TGC
Tchividjian : “LIBERTY”
Matt Chandler : The Village Church

Darrin Patrick : Acts29

Mark Dever : 9 Marks

    • Praises Mahaney; models ministry on SGM

Voddie Baucham : Christian Patriarchy

The Team
Find The Nest
Who supplies the intellectual rigor, the ethos of sobriety, respectability, and the appearance of spiritual maturity, to anchor this spectacle?
    • Piper informs us that Christianity is masculine
    • Piper reflecting on Mars Hill and Driscoll
    • Piper on partnering with Driscoll
    • Keller‘s double standard for Driscoll
    • Keller on the Mahaney lawsuit
    • TGC and the SGM/Mahaney lawsuit

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